John A. Martin & Associates San Luis Obispo Structural Engineering (JAMASLO-SE) is the progression of the satellite office formed by John A. Martin & Associates of Nevada. The satellite office, John A. Martin & Associates of San Luis Obispo, gained insightful and progressive technical and project administrative experience through its relationship with such a respected and capable office. In January of 2011, with the approval of previous owners, John “Trailer” Martin and Steve Schiller, JAMASLO-SE was established as an independent small business.

JAMASLO-SE prides itself in providing the design of a structure which maximizes the use of materials, but which also minimizes the structural construction cost by providing a design which is compatible with local construction techniques. Our personnel assigned to projects are experienced in working with, and responding to, the requirements of the architects and contractors.

Through continuing education, our professional staff is kept up to date with the latest design techniques and state-of-the-art procedures. JAMASLO-SE keeps the architectural concept of projects consistent, reflecting the tone and atmosphere the architect is seeking to create, while at the same time using a system that is both efficient and economical.

Our staff is committed to providing the highest quality design and professional services in the structural engineering industry. No structural engineering challenge is too big, too small, too complex, or too demanding to be completed by our team. No matter how grand the dream, John A. Martin & Associates will be there to help make it a reality.